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Well said.

I’m naturally suspicious of people who don’t dig this guy. He’s brilliant.

Interesting fact is that this same theory can be applied to so many historical female women: Marie Antoinette, Empress Elisabeth, Catherine the Great, Catherine de Medici.

When a woman threatens the standardised ideals of the patriarchy, she must be reduced down to the base forms of womanhood, often as prescribed by the Church, which was the base of power in those days.

Despite the fact that times have changed, these images of womanhood are so beaten into our consciousness that we have to make a conscious effort to look beyond them.

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So, after a very long wait, we finally have the new episode of season 4 of Game of Thrones. Hooray! I’ve been seriously looking forwards to this, not in the least because Oberyn Martell, aka the Red Viper, and Ellaria Sand, his paramour, are introduced as new characters to the show.

Throughout the wait, and the countdown to the beginning of the season, I’ve been wondering whether or not the creators will erase Oberyn and Ellaria’s bisexuality from the show (as they have with Daenerys). I was very excited to find that they have not! In fact, they have placed a very long introduction scene in which both characters’ bisexuality plays a major role.

To throw in my two cents: if the bisexuality is going to be depicted solely through the tired and damaging “depraved bisexual” trope, maybe it’s better off being erased.



betvous ha dicho:

I actually know a guy who left undergrad to become a priest only to run away with his seminary roommate. If I wrote a gay romance novel about them people would think it was too unrealistic.

either we know of the same person or this happens…


Glass Bricks at Smithfield Market Extension, London by Thomas Bennett.
© 2014 Alex James Bruce
The Importance of Being Modernist : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Glass Bricks at Smithfield Market Extension, London by Thomas Bennett.

© 2014 Alex James Bruce

The Importance of Being Modernist : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Man, I wish that I could get paid six figures a year to make boneheaded mistakes. C’mon guys, give me a shot, I’ve had years of experience!

By the way, does anyone here use Groupon? I’m trying to find out if there’s one for a remedial “Software Development Cycles” course.

I’m asking for some friends.



Someone made a montage of Star Trek ladies to that insane Sarah Brightman Song. h/t The Toast.


Cuneiform tablets could be fired in kilns to provide a permanent record, or they could be recycled if permanence was not needed. Many of the clay tablets found by archaeologists were preserved because they were fired when attacking armies burned the building in which they were kept. (via Wikipedia)

I was idly reading the Wikipedia article on Cuneiform this afternoon (yes, I’m a dork, moving on), and I can hardly express how much this tidbit struck me.

I’m imagining all the words, all the history, all the human thought that has been wiped out by fire and careless brutality—the multiple burnings of the Library of Alexandria, countless ideologically motivated book burnings, the systematic annihilation of Mesoamerican records—and yet, here, in this one context, war and hatred caused these writings to be preserved



Read Bill’s full account here.

Perhaps there was no winner, as this was not a scored debate. Nevertheless by all, or a strong majority of, accounts, I bested him. The fundamental idea that I hope all of us embrace is, simply put, performance counts as much or more than the specifics of the arguments in a situation like this. I admit that, for me at least, it took tremendous concentration. I was and am respectful of Ken Ham’s passion. At a cognitive level, he believes what he says. He really means it, when he says that he has “a book” that supersedes everything you and I and his parishioners can observe everywhere in nature around us. I respected that commitment; I used it to drive, what actors call, my “inner monologue.” I did not choose, as I was advised, to attack, attack, attack. My actor’s preparation helped me keep things civil and be respectful of Mr. Ham despite what struck me as his thoughtless point of view. I’m sure it influenced the countless people who’ve written to me and come up to me in public to express their strong and often enthusiastic support. Thank you all.


So, I handed out a bunch of my cards the other night, which included urls for this blog. This prompted me to remember that I really need to tidy this place up a bit and make it better organized.

In the meantime, hello, anyone who might be coming here for the first time! Allow me to show you around.

While I do reblog some stuff to share it with friends, share some stuff to add commentary, and occasionally vent, that all tends to get deleted as clutter after a few days, because I mainly think of this as a place for my:

(Do bear in mind that this is Tumblr, so everything will be in reverse order.)


A Speculative Dragon Biology

There are some curiously unifying aspects to dragons in myth:

  1. They are often associated with high mountain tops, deep caves, and other typically cold places.
  2. They are also associated with rivers and other bodies of water, especially running water.
  3. They are attracted to wealth in the form of precious metals, particularly gold.
  4. They will seek out and eventually establish a lair from which they will rarely emerge, except to briefly wreak fiery havoc.

From these points, I think I can produce a working theory that explains all of them, and tie dragons to a natural phenomenon that might seem, at first, counterintuitive—stars.

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